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Adult Charm School Coaching Program Launches

Mary O'Sullivan

Mary O’Sullivan, a speaker, writer, and founder of Encore Executive and Professional Coaching, has created an Adult Charm School coaching program for those that want to learn the words and actions needed to handle social and professional encounters with charm, grace and class.

“With a strong background in industry, education and change management, I have built a career on guiding others out of troubled waters,” says O’Sullivan. “I listen to people’s work, life and relationship challenges and help them sort through what is most important to them. Most significantly, I do this by creating scenarios in which I help to dispel a client’s confusion about what to say and what to do under stress.”

O’Sullivan says that her goal as an Adult Charm School coach is to create a trusting partnership with each client, to help them see workable solutions to their problems and make behavior changes. “I challenge people’s belief systems to help them make important life decisions,” she says. “This often entails actually rehearsing the words and actions that will be used to help someone become fully prepared to be charming, confident and poised when faced with a potential landmine.”

To learn more about the coaching programs offered, call 401- 742-1965 or visit