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Finding the Root Cause of Thyroid and Other Health Problems : Practitioner Spotlight

Apr 30, 2016 08:03PM ● By Nancy Somera

Through the use of various applied kinesiology techniques, Kristine Jelstrup, natural healthcare provider and owner of Central Health and Wellness, in Cambridge, is able to uncover underlying thyroid problems, as well as a host of other health issues, by using a combination of Morphogenic Field Technique, Koren Specific Technique and biokinetics to tap into a client’s energy system in order to learn what the client’s symptoms mean.

“The brain communicates to the nervous system and this ongoing conversation creates a field of energy,” explains Jelstrup. She says a healthy person will have a strong field of energy. “Through a series of manual tests, including muscle response testing, I can determine if any weak areas exist in a client’s body which tells me that something is going on.”

Working as a facilitator of information between clients and their bodies, Jelstrup determines if the problem is a chemical, physical, emotional or spiritual one, or a combination of any of the four. “Even when multiple things are going on, the body prioritizes and tells me what the most important area of concern is,” she says. She then immediately addresses this concern first. As the body begins to trust the process with each subsequent session, Jelstrup is able to go deeper and more information is released by the body.

“Addressing the most critical area first, and immediately treating it, allows for the body’s natural ability to heal itself to take root,” says Jelstrup. “Then, together the client and I uncover how they made themselves sick so we can determine how they can make themselves well again.”

One client describes her experience with Jelstrup as, “Kristine has an amazing ability to uncover what is really going on in the body. I was having these odd energy crashes when I was exercising. I was in really good shape, had eaten enough and was well-hydrated, so it wasn’t a matter of overdoing it. Kristine discovered that my thyroid was underperforming which was the cause of these sudden losses of energy. She devised a supplement and nutritional regime for me that really worked! I continue to feel great and would recommend Kristine to anyone, particularly someone who’s had mystery ailments that no one else has been able to successfully address.”

Jelstrup expresses that a key to what she does is in helping clients rediscover the powerful gift of intuition when it comes to the body. “The real power is in finding a greater sense and awareness of one’s body so we can notice pain and reflect on what we did to cause it,” she explains. Another client confirms this by sharing, “Not only does Kristine help me to feel better but more importantly she empowers me to be a better version of myself.” And this empowerment, Jelstrup says, is what leads to greater health in the long run.

Location: Central Square Health and Wellness, 126 Prospect St. #5, Cambridge. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call 617-833-3407 or visit