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Natural Awakenings Boston

The Beauty of Being Human

Pondering this month’s Women’s Wellness theme prompted me to take a good hard look at some of my own wellness habits. Eeeek… it wasn’t pretty! Hitting spin classes religiously four days a week is good. I’ve also been doing a decent job of eating healthier, organic foods when possible – if you don’t count the weekly ice cream splurge at Tuesday family dinners and the occasional indulgence in yummy dark chocolate. I realized my routine needs some improvements.

This inspired me to challenge myself to be a bit bolder this spring. As I write, I’m looking forward to my first-ever rock climbing lesson and have begun piano lessons. After many years of contemplating both, I now see them as nurturing opportunities for self-care.

That’s part of the beauty of being human. When we recognize we’ve got some work to do, we get to choose the next move. Whatever that move might be, right, wrong or neutral in the moment, it seems that no matter what, our choices enable us to grow through their lessons and learn to make enabling course corrections. One of my favorite maxims is, “You can’t get it wrong and you never get it done… and it’s okay.” The joy is in the journey.

You won’t want to miss this month’s local articles. In “Finding the Root Cause of Thyroid and Other Health Problems,” Nancy Somera spotlights the work of Kristine Jelstrup of Central Square Health and Wellness. Having witnessed Kristine’s work up close and seeing life-changing results in several family members, I highly recommend checking it out.

To our collective joyous journey,

Maisie Raftery, Publisher