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Kathy Wilson: Distance Healing Techniques and Applications : Tong Ren Symposium Presenter Spotlight

Kathy Wilson

Kathy Wilson, one of the founders and CEO of Healing Nexus, will be a presenter at the 2016 Tong Ren Therapy Symposium & Education Conference from June 24 to 26, at Lesley University, in Cambridge. Recognized as a leading organization, Healing Nexus promotes alternative therapy workshops, individual treatments, seminars and products to aid individuals to move into the place of wellness and oneness.

Wilson’s focal point is harmonization of subtle energies for self empowerment and health. She is currently working on a project about shifting the energy of neurological and brain conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) by stimulating the blockage points with Tong Ren therapy. She says the method involves “using the power of focused intention, practical tools of Tong Ren and intuitive means to release blockages, allowing the bio-energies to flow.”

Wilson’s own distance techniques, including entanglement, have been enhanced with time and experience. She explains that entanglement is when two or more of anything at a distance from each other behave as if they are attached. “It’s this connection of non-local objects which opens up a plethora of possibilities for healers,” she says. “We are connected to all there is, all that there ever was and all that will ever be. Once you can grasp the idea that we are all one, the possibilities endlessly unfold.”

As a single parent of four children, she says they helped her stretch herself, “because I was desperate for ways to make sure things stayed on an even keel.” She began using distance healing strategies in her personal life, one of which was tapping into the field—that big sea of energy that surrounds us all—energetically connecting with and entangling her children.

“I found that if I sat still and thought of each one of my children individually, I could feel them, their mood, what they were thinking,” says Wilson. “It was a good way to check in to make sure they were OK.” Entanglement became a good friend.

She recalls a time when energetically she felt her second son needed the message to “watch out, there is a lot of alcohol around you.” It turned out that a bar was connected to the building of his rented apartment and another was across the street. Likewise, one day her youngest daughter said to her, “Why is it when I call you at work and I need you, you always pick up? When I don’t really need you don’t pick up?”

Wilson explains, “We know that change is constant, so what started as an energetic light touch of connection shifted to the realization the connection went both ways. Not only could I transfer to them, they could also respond.” As an illustration, she remembers a narrowly avoided head-on collision near her son’s work. He heard the screeching of tires and thought, “I hope mom is OK.” Her son had no idea she was near; she was merely in the area on an errand and had decided to pick him up from work.

Many healing modalities successfully employ distance techniques; Tong Ren is one of them. It is a form of energy therapy designed to restore health and vitality. No touching is involved and the amount of distance between the client and the practitioner makes no difference—energetic shifts can occur in the same room or the other side of the world.

“To be successful at any type of healing you need to believe that it’s possible and then just go with it,” Wilson says. “I notice now that more and more people are tuned in and aware of entanglement. People have seen me in their dreams before they have met me and when we do meet I am greeted like a long-lost friend.”

She says she doesn’t think about the whys so much as what else is possible. “There is no here or there; we are all entangled,” she maintains. “I connect with an open heart in the knowing that anything is possible, where magic and miracles are the normal state of being.”

 Kathy Wilson can be reached at 617-334-9432 or [email protected]. For more information on the symposium, visit

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