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Improving Sexual and Emotional Health in Men with Herbal Medicine

May 31, 2016 08:37PM ● By Kenyon Keily

Kenyon Keily

For many men the level of sexual activity and prowess is the measure of the man. The ability to perform is the reassurance that all is right.

Centuries ago traditional herbal medicine identified the pathways and behaviors for achieving and maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit. This included sexual health. However, in today’s world the effects of stress due to various psychological reasons can play a major factor in poor sexual health. Additional stressors may include poor diet, life habits and physical, mental and emotional addictions. Thus, the stress of not getting or maintaining an erection typically means that there are also mental and emotional responses present.

Stress, and how one deals with it, has an effect on the health of organs. Luckily, observable signs of organ stress are visible in the face, posture, voice, tongue and pulse. By reading these signs and listening to a person’s voice and choice of words, an experienced herbalist can identify the specific organ imbalance and treat with herbal remedies.

It is common to find that behind every sexual health problem also lies an organ imbalance and a deficiency condition. When a combination of adrenal and essence deficiency is present, there is by and large a lowered or absent sex drive. Even before the adrenals are implicated, signs such as headaches, digestive issues, shoulder tension and feelings of worry, frustration, anxiety, irritation or depression are typically present.

Herbal medicine can gently and firmly correct such imbalances. It is these very elemental imbalances that create the biochemical conditions, analyzed in blood tests that result in the administration of testosterone and sexual-activity- promoting drugs (with hidden and obvious side effects). Herbal medicine is a safe and effective way to regain and improve one’s sexual and emotional health.

By selecting the correct combination of herbs, an experienced herbalist can create a formula to address each specific organ imbalance, restore sexual health and improve the immune system. As each of us is unique, so is the herbal formula created to address our exact needs. The art of herbal medicine is in creating a healing formula that evaluates an individual as a whole person—body, mind and spirit—and treats the totality of that individual to achieve emotional balance and self-understanding.

Kenyon Keily is the lead herbalist at Groton Wellness and has more than 40 years of experience practicing natural therapies. His holistic approach combines Chinese, ayurvedic and Tibetan techniques to balance a patient’s whole body. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call 978-449-9919 or visit

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