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Healing From Lyme Disease with Peter Howe

Lyme disease can be mysterious, often thought to be a threat only to those that live out in the countryside. The truth is, ticks and other insects such as mosquitoes, mites, fleas and biting flies which carry the same or similar pathogens, are globally endemic. They are everywhere and are carried by most animals, birds, rodents and even humans. The medical community typically treats with high doses of antibiotics with varying results, but Peter Howe, an alternative health practitioner and certified neuromuscular therapist, uses a multi-dimensional approach that is customized and unique to each individual. It is a far more comprehensive and effective method to focus on the treatment of Lyme and its co infections.

“What has been imagined as a tick-borne disease is now realized as a multi-dimensional issue in the alternative world of health,” he says. “Its ability to reside deep into the mitochondria of the cell—the energy center which holds one’s life source, or DNA—and morph or clone with other cells is what challenges the body’s ability to create a strategic defense against the ever morphing bacteria.”

Not only can Lyme present itself as a rash and fever, but it can cross the blood-brain barrier to present itself as memory loss, Alzheimer’s, dementia, depression, ADHD and other neurological symptoms. “There have been cases reported that after years of Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer’s, re-testing has discovered Lyme was the cause,” reports Howe. Other Lyme-associated symptoms include arthritis, digestive disorders, specific joint disorders, chlamydia and fibromyalgia, among others.

Howe’s comprehensive approach challenges the view that “once you have Lyme, you have it for life.” Through years of experience, he has created a protocol for Lyme that reduces or even eliminates related symptoms. His plan includes:

Biocommunication Diagnostics – Using the body’s natural energetic field, a communication link is established between the patient and the computer via the ZYTO hand cradle. Through this connection, ZYTO sends stimuli and then scans and records the body’s response. This conversation is called biocommunication, and it provides insights into health and wellness. This important tool allows Howe to identify the major stressors in the body, including which bacteria are stressing the body the most. It also allows him to create an energetic remedy to stimulate the body’s immune response both for detoxification and nourishment, thus building a stronger defense and stimulating healthier cell regeneration.

NanoVi Pro – This is an FDA-registered device used to enhance overall well-being. Cellular functions within the body depend on signaling between molecules within cells and among neighboring cells. The body’s ability to produce these signals is essential to health, vitality and performance. If there is a deficiency, or if an extra boost is needed, precise bio-identical signaling obtained through NanoVi Pro technology is used to augment the body’s natural signaling capability.

Neuromuscular Therapy – This therapy helps to relieve aches and postural distortions that may have taken place while inflicted. Stretching and other movements also aid in rehabilitation.

Emotional, herbal and nutritional support – All are offered as aids for recovery and ongoing health. While recovery does take time, steps can be taken to end suffering from Lyme disease and reclaim one’s health and vitality.

For a consultation with Peter Howe, call 508-838-1101. For more information, visit

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