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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

Reporting with a Conscience

All of us are subjected to mainstream media’s daily barrage of bias and sensationalism and we are happy to tackle the topic in this month’s feature article, “Real News that Matters: Independent Media Tells Us the Truth.” Writer Linda Sechrist explains why we need independent media outlets that break through corporate agendas and “invite us to engage, educate and think for ourselves, dig deeper and take action.”

We are pleased to count Natural Awakenings among the groundswell of independent media seeking to celebrate the good in the world, explore constructive solutions to crises and add value to the personal lives of viewers, listeners and readers. Such outlets are succeeding as businesses because people like you daily prove that the growing holistically oriented community here and abroad is a market worth reaching. As proof, Natural Awakenings currently publishes in 97 communities like ours reaching more than 4 million readers, and will soon welcome our first international edition in the Dominican Republic.

Independent media are all about providing relevant, quality content reported with a conscience. Thank you for keeping independents like us alive and thriving. Please continue to vote with your purchases from the advertisers that make it possible for us to bring more in-depth, thought-provoking reporting to the discussion. Let publishers and editors know what you’re thinking and join us in celebrating and supporting the growing list of responsible media serving a better vision of what’s possible for our world.

I was deeply touched and grateful to hear this story from a reader at Herbstalk last month. Natalia Karoway, owner of Sweet & Sacred, had a vendor table next to ours and when I introduced myself and the magazine she responded, “Oh, I know all about Natural Awakenings. If it weren’t for your magazine, I probably wouldn’t be here today.” She explained how while she was reading a copy she saw an ad offering herbal apprenticeships that resonated with her. She promptly called, enrolled and upon completion started her own business. She added that she’d never been so happy to have picked up a magazine.

Her story is one of countless tales of how supporters of independent media often choose to shift the direction of their lives to enlarge the place of their tent and benefit others. I’m no exception. I’d been reading the Rhode Island edition of Natural Awakenings for a year before I realized it was one of a larger franchise family of magazines. Then a perfect storm of life events in 2010 called me to launch the Boston edition, and my life changed for the better in countless ways.

If you’d like to share a story about how you’ve been touched by our advertisers or something you’ve read in these pages, please email me at [email protected]. Our team would love to hear from you and may even share your story in an upcoming issue.

To a sunny, joy-filled and peaceful summer,

Maisie Raftery, Publisher