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Summer Brain Training Program for Better School Performance

Dianne Kosto, owner and founder of Braincore of Greater Boston, in Foxboro, announces a summer program to boost brainpower before the next school year. The program involves daily brain training, Monday through Friday, for four weeks beginning August 4. The deadline to enroll is July 20.

“Our brains have the potential to perform at an extremely high level, but to reach this peak condition the brain must be trained and strengthened in a purposeful way,” says Kosto. “This is a chance for people to benefit from life-changing, state-of-the-art technology in a fun, relaxed environment.”

Neurofeedback, which is closely related to biofeedback, focuses on analyzing the pathway of neural signals to identify signs of irregular brain function. “Once our specialists have pinpointed the exact dysfunction occurring within the brain using a specialized QEEG BrainMap, they can begin developing a customized program aimed at correcting it,” says Kosto. One client reports his child went from getting C’s and D’s to earning all A’s and B’s within two months.

Cost: Free 30-minute phone consultation; $1,760 for 20 neurofeedback sessions and a QEEG BrainMap. Location: 132 Central St., Ste. 205A, Foxboro. For more information or to register, call 844-272-4666, email [email protected] or visit