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Monthly Reiki Training Classes Offered at Brenner Reiki Healing

Elise Brenner

Learn how to care for yourself and others with hands-on healing for mental, emotional and physical health and well-being with Reiki Level 1 Training classes offered monthly on Sundays at Brenner Reiki Healing, in Newton.

Reiki is a gentle healing and meditation practice that is simple to learn and do, yet very powerful in its impact on both the practitioner and the recipient. This class includes learning reiki meditations, how to practice hands-on healing of self and others, the reiki principles, reiki history and how reiki promotes mindfulness and wellness on all levels of being. A comprehensive course manual as well as ongoing support in one’s practice of reiki is provided. CEUs are available for nurses and licensed massage therapists.

“Students learn the reiki meditations for connecting with our own skillful inner qualities such as stability, mindfulness and calmness, as well as hands-on healing of self and others,” explains owner Elise Brenner. The main concept behind reiki healing is that although the mind and body have excellent natural protection and repair mechanisms, when subjected to chronic stress, these mechanisms cannot cope, resulting in disease and illness.

“Reiki practice brings the body into a state of physiological rest and deep, restorative relaxation, allowing the nervous system to naturally shift from sympathetic to parasympathetic,” says Brenner. “Reiki promotes mindfulness and a breaking free from our habitual reactive emotional ways, ushering in greater ease and wholeness into our lives. This, in turn, affects our physiology.”

Cost: $150. Ask about senior and student discounts. Location: Brenner Reiki Healing, 324 Central St., Auburndale. For more information, call 617-244-8856 or visit