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Naturopathic Medicine Office Opens in Boston

Keri Layton, ND

Keri Layton, a naturopathic doctor, has opened an office in the Back Bay neighborhood at 29 Commonwealth Avenue. Layton, who has supported the health and well-being of families for 10 years in private practice and continues to do so in Winchester, uses the evidence- based Western model of medicine, but also the evidence-based model of prevention and treatments including nutrition, lifestyle, herbal medicine and other non-toxic therapies. She addresses the impact of stress on health in a way that is often neglected by conventional medicine and incomplete in much of alternative medicine.

Layton first lived in the Boston area while working on the team at MIT’s Whitehead Institute that sequenced the Human Genome. She now uses this information with her patients. Understanding the body’s genetic ability or limitations in successfully digesting food or managing environmental exposures can be the turning point in chronic disease.

In Boston, Layton’s focus is on women’s health, including issues such as digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune conditions, fertility challenges, allergies, mood changes and weight fluctuations. In the conversations about whether women can have it all when balancing work and home life, Layton is committed to supporting the best physiology to help women survive and thrive in both arenas.

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