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Revitalized Living Space : Refresh and Recharge the Energy in One’s Home or Office

Oct 30, 2016 11:57PM ● By Karen Piedra

When selling a home or just looking for a fresh perspective on life, an energy clearing of one’s living space can renew, re-energize and revitalize one’s health, well-being and relationships. 

Moving into a new home, apartment or office initially feels differently from the space one is coming from due to the energy vibration of the new space. How a room feels energetically is especially important when selling a home, because buyers want to feel happy and uplifted; they want to be able to picture them-selves living in the home.

When a home is built, trees are cut down and the earth is dug up, resulting in trauma to the land. Then throughout the years, different families move in and out of the home, each leaving the energy of the story of their lives in the property. From positive events such as new births, weddings, graduations, birthday parties and holiday gathering, to the lows that come from experiencing illness, addiction, divorce, financial highs and lows, and job changes, the energy of these emotions gets stuck in the property. This is known as the energetic impression—the feeling one gets when walking into a home or business.

The energy of one’s surroundings also represents the individual and first impressions when someone enters a space determines whether they will buy a home, purchase an item at a shop, or do business with a particular person. Here are some ways to improve and heal the energy of one’s home or office so first impressions are good:

Smudging – a Native American tradition of burning sage and fanning it around the space to clear out stagnant and negative energy.

Play beautiful music – classical, chanting, relaxation, drumming, Tibetan and crystal bowl are good choices.

Reiki – reiki the walls and the individual rooms of the home while meditating or chanting positive mantras and prayers.

Burn a white candle and incense.

Clean the new space and open the windows to let fresh breezes blow in.

Karen Piedra is a realtor and family/ home healer and master reiki teacher. She can be reached at 508-395-6392, [email protected] or  

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