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Preparing Beyond Birth Online Summit

Lisa Chin

The Fourth Trimester Summit, a free online event that will give new moms the information and support they need for a healthy, confident start to motherhood, will take place over 10 days from November 9 to 18. Hosted by Lisa Chin, the Summit brings together more than 40 speakers in many different areas of women’s health, infant development and relationships to support new moms in the first three months after birth.

“The biggest mistake expecting mothers make is solely focusing on and preparing for birth and not for the time after,” says Chin. “It’s arguable that pregnancy is way more predictable than when the baby is born.”

With more than 40 experts sharing advice and tips, new parents will gain a greater understanding of the challenges of healing after birth, breastfeeding, navigating sleep and many other changes they undergo after the birth of a new baby. The Summit focuses on natural and holistic approaches for the modern-day mom and baby.

Cost: Free. Location: Online. For more information, call 857- 288-8675, email [email protected] or visit