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Communicating with the Body’s Innate Intelligence

Oct 30, 2016 10:34PM ● By Kristine Jelstrup

Innate intelligence is the intelligence wired into each individual that governs every single act in the body. Every chemical reaction, every tissue formation and every bacterial invasion that is fought off is controlled and coordinated by one’s innate intelligence. Every living thing has it. 

When someone doesn’t feel well, they intuitively want to know why; what is the cause? Not always self-evident, a therapist trained in applied kinesiology (AK) acts as an interpreter between individuals and the innate intelligence of their body to find the answers. She or he has a “conversation” with the body by using a technique known as muscle testing. Not really testing the muscle, the technique instead looks for a shift in energy that can be detected in a shift in muscle strength in relation to the information given to the body. Positive information creates strong nervous system signaling in the body; negative information creates weak nervous system signaling.

For example, a client will hold her arm straight out to her side perpendicular to her body, and the therapist will press down on the arm a little and say, “Meet my pressure.” The client’s arm is locked, strong. Now the therapist might touch various reflex points on the body looking for a change in the muscle response. If the therapist touches a reflex point on the body, like the adrenals for example, and if this gland has low energy, the arm will go weak because that low energy is transferred through the nervous system and reflected in the strength of the arm.

Another example could be the therapist holding a packet of artificial sweetener near the client’s heart, which would also make the arm go weak because artificial sweeteners are universal toxins. As a negative input, the nervous system will power down a little and the arm will go weak. The opposite effect can also happen when a supplement that the body needs is held up against the client and the client’s arm will grow much stronger. Positive input equals a strong nervous system. When done by a therapist trained in AK, the information from the body is very clear.

Detective Work

To determine why someone is not feeling well, an AK therapist will spend the session doing detective work by trying to figure out which body systems have weak energy and why. Is there an immune challenge, a toxicity or does the organ or gland just need some nutritional support in order to heal and have good, strong energy?

Therapists communicate with a client’s innate intelligence by using kits that contain little vials of cellular energies of all kinds of things. One such kit might contain vials with the cellular energies of all the body systems. If the body shows interest in one of these vials, the small intestine for example, then the therapist knows the energy of the small intestine is weak.

What the therapist doesn’t know is why. Another kit might contain the most common immune challenges like virus, bacteria, mold, yeast, fungus, parasite and toxins like metals, chemicals and plastics. If the body responds to this kit the therapist needs to figure out which vial it is and act accordingly by finding the supplement that will take care of the immune challenge or toxin.

Applied kinesiology provides a platform by which the therapist can communicate with the innate intelligence of the body and facilitate healing in a very specific and profound way.

Kristine Jelstrup, LMT, CBK, is a natural healthcare practitioner and owner of Central Square Health and Wellness, located at 126 Prospect St., #5, in Cambridge. For more information, call 617-833-3407 or visit