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Emotional Freedom

Oct 30, 2016 10:50PM ● By Shawna Pelton

Using three essential teachings, it is possible to experience a happy and harmonious life free of emotional suffering. It starts with the willingness to grow with an open mind. When individuals want something they have never had, they must be willing to do something they’ve never done.

People who live abundantly carve out time for personal growth and self-development. They read self-help books, take classes to learn something new, receive spiritual healing, therapy or coaching sessions, journal and reflect on life experiences. They avoid or limit complaining about circumstances and other people, as it only further anchors an identity with feeling miserable and helpless in life. Working with a mentor can help to break through blocks and grow beyond pain.

Make the way right

“Time heals all wounds” is only partly true. While grief and sadness diminish over time, individuals that actively seek to gain understanding from a painful life experience typically heal faster and do not repeat the experience. According to ancient teachings of Kabbalah, integrating the lessons from life experiences leads to wisdom and is a key to the kingdom. Heart-based forgiveness allows for this process as it dissolves the pain of an offense and helps us ascend to higher levels of consciousness.

Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian formula that can be used to help dissolve pain leading to peace through forgiveness. With four simple sentences stated sincerely and humbly—“I’m sorry,” “Please forgive me,” “I love you,” and “Thank you”—the pain of an event and the void left behind by a wrong can be replaced with the power of love, the greatest healer of all. Expressing gratitude for the wisdom learned from life experiences allows the healing of life force energy to flow freely, rather than staying jaded or stuck as a victim.

Make a commitment to the path of freedom

Common traits of successful people include having a strong desire for an aligned life, and having a purpose and belief in oneself with faith in a loving supportive creator/universe. Without a powerful anchor one can easily become overwhelmed and lose hope when facing down fears. It then becomes too easy to resort to default patterns such as substance use, laziness, anger and violence, blaming and shaming, isolation from others, posturing oneself to look more important, and quitting then beating oneself up.

It’s not about being the best, the smartest or having luck, but more about being resourceful and making the most of what we’ve got while developing skills and being in service along the way.

Make and follow daily rituals to change the old outdated pattern

Start each day with meditation, positive affirmations that influence a positive mindset and an intention to see the good in life. Include the prayer “Thy will be done.” End each night by journaling, acknowledging any challenges and reflecting on three things to be grateful for having experienced during the day. Then allow the energy of appreciation to flow in.

Everyone must be willing to do their own part to move through difficulties in order to transform into that which they seek: wholeness, love, peace and freedom. Healing is about experiencing the fullness of life while being grounded in the knowing of our true divine nature. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Shawna Pelton is a metaphysical healer and transformational coach helping people clear blocks to create a fulfilling life of passion and purpose while being at ease in mind and body. She can be reached at 813-966-0164 or