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Natural Awakenings Boston

Winter Class on Spiritual Finance in Westport and Via Phone

Kerry Cudmore, a life and business coach and creator of the Spiritual Finance Initiative, will hold a five-class workshop, beginning January 14, on changing individual and collective relationships with money. The Spiritual Finance Class Series takes place via phone and in person at the Sisters of Solace, in Westport.

“The relationship with money is one of deep taboo in our culture, and it touches just about everything in our lives,” says Cudmore. “If we can positively affect that relationship by aligning money with our values, everything changes. It’s about transforming money from an adversary to an empowering ally.”

Cudmore says the five classes aim to help people understand their personal relationship with money and finance; transform how they relate to prosperity, abundance and success; clear the emotional clutter of limiting financial beliefs; have a clear understanding of why it is spiritually “okay” to be prosperous; become more comfortable in the “money conversation”; and create healthy and empowering relationships with money and finance.

Cost: Each student automatically receives a $300 full scholarship to cover cost of class. Location: 700 American Legion Hwy., Westport. Class size is limited and pre-registration is required. To register, call 508-636-4668 or email [email protected]. To learn more, call 508-636-6549 or visit