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Natural Awakenings Boston

Unite in the Greater Good

I believe that an upside to the recent election, regardless of which candidate we supported, is clear awareness that these times present an incredible opportunity for us to mature as individuals and as a nation. It’s plain that we’re all being called on to unite in taking action for desired change that supports the greater good.

Reflecting back on the most challenging times of my life, I see now that they’ve also been the most expansive and growth-supporting events I’ve experienced. While the struggle is real when we’re in the trenches of unrest trying to understand why certain things happen, I believe that when we are able to embrace them as opportunities instead of fault lines, we come out better for it in the long run.

Like our country at large we each have contradicting stories and beliefs running around in our psyches. It’s what we do when we uncover and resolve those conflicts using a heartfelt intelligence free of ego that yields the best results.

Personally, I choose to limit exposure to mainstream and social media by skipping over negative headlines. Meanwhile, I’m coming into countless opportunities to engage with people, including strangers with profoundly different life stories than mine, and it’s been one of the most rewarding experiences ever. There’s an authenticity as we delve below the surface to the heart of things. No talk of politics, the election, our differences… just kindness.

Female, male, white, black, yellow, red, Democrat, Republican, Independent, fat, skinny, short, tall and every other distinction one could possibly make, we are all the same colors inside, all feel similar emotions at one time or another, all have hopes and dreams. At a deeper level, we are all one, as evidenced in Linda Sechrist’s December feature article, “Scientists Explore Love Emerging Research Shows We’re All Connected.” It shares many resources available for us to do further research that will benefit us and everyone we touch.

The kindness of a genuine smile as our face lights up at the presence of another is one of the most precious gifts we have to give. I hope to meet you one day soon— in person, on the street, at an event or wherever else we’ll be able to share the connection made through smiling eyes.

My wish is that you find something in these pages to lift you up this and every month.

In gratitude and peace,

Maisie Raftery, Publisher