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Perfect Holiday Gift for Climate Change-Denying Relatives: Green Spotlight

Dec 08, 2016 11:14PM ● By Jamie Garuti

Each year many of us return home for the holidays to a family whose beliefs, political and otherwise, don’t quite align with our own. One hot-button issue that has plagued dinner conversations for years is the reality of climate change. And with some Republican Party elect spreading confusion and denial about climate change, the topic is further complicated and tinged with emotion. Usually individuals are presented with two options: confront the denial head-on, or leave the room as stealthily as possible.

Two Boston-based nonprofits, Climate XChange (CXC) and Climate Action Business Association (CABA), are teaming up to make the decision a bit easier this holiday season. When a donation is made to either of the two climate change-fighting groups, they will mail a “Climate Denier’s Kit to Coping with Climate Change” straight to a relative or friend’s door. According to their website, the kit provides informational pieces, like a guide on global warming basics and ways that fighting climate change saves money, as well as a coffee mug and other humorous components to avoid any hard feelings.

The groups are asking their donors what inspired them to give, so that they can collect stories and highlight them on their website and social media. While the reaction of gift recipients has yet to be seen, CXC and CABA hope that they will start a dialogue within family and friend circles, and give donors a fact-based starting point.

“Our two groups sat down to brainstorm ways to get people talking to each other about the real and pressing threat that climate change poses to everyone,” said Executive Director Michael Green. “We knew that tensions may be especially high at this year’s holiday gatherings, and this idea allows people to support organizations working on climate while breaking the ice on difficult discussions.”

Supporters can choose to give to either Climate XChange or Climate Action Business Association. CXC provides policymakers and advocates with cutting edge research on market-based solutions to climate change. Their most notable project informed proposed legislation that would put a price on carbon pollution in Massachusetts. CABA organizes local business leaders to be more effective advocates for climate change action from the community level to the international level. Their member businesses can choose from program areas in internal sustainability, political advocacy and community building.

 To send the Climate Denier’s Kit to Coping with Climate Change to someone this holiday season, visit or