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New Book on Music Lessons for the Spirit

Janet Kessenich, owner of Spiral Energies, has published Music Lessons for the Spirit, a book designed to help deepen spiritual connection and inspire more insightful, meaningful and satisfying living through the gateway of music, personal stories and reflective practices.

“Rests, overtones and improvisation might seem unlikely sources of inspiration for spirituality,” says Kessenich, “but in my transition from musician to holistic healer, I’ve discovered that these and other musical concepts are apt metaphors for vital aspects of spirituality, such as incorporating silence into our lives, establishing a spiritual practice and cultivating deep inner listening.”

Each of the eight essays in Music Lessons for the Spirit closes with a Reflections section to help readers personalize spiritual and life lessons on such topics as: deep listening, discovering self-esteem and worthiness, learning the lesson of resting via its importance in music, and using the elements of practicing a musical instrument when developing a spiritual practice.

“Spiritual lessons are offered to us all the time and through all means,” says Kessenich, “and music had been the gateway through which many of my spiritual beliefs and practices had emerged. They’ve been embedded in encounters with my most significant teachers, in music theory itself, and in personal life experiences that inspired the wisdom I share in this book.”

Cost: $15 for the book. For more information, call 617-926-4155 or visit