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Natural Awakenings Boston

Seeing the Heart as a Gateway to Quantum Healing

Yvon Dubé

Yvon Dubé, a healer, teacher and founder of the School of Love Energetics, will offer three Boston-area events in January to deliver his life-changing modality through workshops, a lecture and a free webinar entitled, Discover How to Use Heart Power to Attract Your Desires!

“Recent research proposes that the heart is a point of access to a field of intuition and healing that is beyond our traditional paradigms,” says Dubé. “Researchers hypothesize that the heart may be a gateway to the quantum field and unity consciousness. Not only is science moving in the right direction, but accessing this level is possible and easy.”

Almost a decade ago, Dubé intuitively stumbled upon a technique that allowed him to instantly heal his patient’s sciatic nerve. His breakthrough led to the creation of a powerful energy healing technique and protocol capable of shifting the root causes of disease. After two years of cultivating and refining his approach, Dubé launched the Love Energetics modality.

The three upcoming events include the free online webinar on January 5, a lecture entitled Discovering the Quantum Healing Power of the Heart on January 19, and a Foundation Workshop from January 20 to 22.

Location: Online and at Courtyard Boston Woburn/Boston North, 700 Unicorn Park Dr., Woburn. For more information, call 514-357-2320 or visit