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Home Energy Clearings by Realtor Karen Piedra : Business Spotlight

Jan 31, 2017 10:45AM ● By Gina Cronin

Karen Piedra has been a real estate professional for 25 years, serving clients throughout the Greater Boston area, with specialized knowledge of Newton and Natick Metro West. As a certified buyer’s agent and an associate with RE/MAX Leading Edge, she works closely with her clients, providing daily updates, market reports, neighborhood statistics, property search capabilities, professional home photos and multimedia marketing. She connects clients to her vast network of resources, including attorneys, electricians, plumbers, contractors and more, in order to help streamline all aspects of the buying or selling process.

Beyond her extensive experience in the industry, what sets Piedra apart is her additional experience with energy healing as a reiki master teacher. Her knowledge in this field assists clients in the preparation of selling their homes. She uses the energy of reiki and philosophy of feng shui to refresh the home’s energy as a complimentary gift to the buyers and sellers who hire her.

“How a home feels energetically is especially important when selling a home, because buyers want to feel happy and uplifted; they want to be able to picture themselves living in the home,” says Piedra. “There are times that someone is trying to sell their home, and people like it, but something doesn’t ‘feel right’ to them. This is often due to the emotional vibrations created by the history in the house—the highs and lows, the trials and tribulations that past families experienced while living in that space.”

By clearing the seller’s home of these energetic impressions, Piedra makes way for prospective buyers to view the home in its highest state, rather than being influenced by unseen energy vibrations. If she is working with a buyer, she will make sure to do a healing on the home before the family moves in to the purchased home. “It’s important for people to start their life in a new home fresh and without interference from past energies,” she says. “Certain energy lines can create depressive vortexes in a home, which affect sleep, well-being, mood and relationships,” says Piedra.

While she does clearings complimentarily for her buyers and sellers, she can also do so for other people that just feel their living space is feeling off or stagnant and they and their family need to be cleared or re-energized. She also helps other realtors and is often called upon when a listing isn’t moving. “Because I have been in the realty business in this area for so many years, I know the history of properties,” she explains. “I’ve suggested to other realtors struggling to sell a listing that they have a clearing done, and within a month the property is under contract.”

Piedra adds, “Even those who are not spiritually minded can feel the difference from these clearings—a clean, pure environment is something that any person can benefit from, especially when buying or selling a home.”

To learn more, call 508-395-6392, email [email protected] or visit

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