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Clean and Clear : Refresh the Home with a Spring Clearing

When spring is on its way, we get the urge to refresh and clean. We air things out, sweep the rooms and corners, scrub and vacuum the floors, wash the windows and discard outdated foods in the fridge. Spring cleaning is a time for bringing renewal and freshness to our homes.

As a bonus to spring cleaning and decluttering, our lives flow with greater ease and grace. Our responsibilities at home and work, everyday commitments and unfinished projects will seem easier to complete, lightening up the cluttering of our hearts and minds.

Here are some tips to get started on spring clearing in the home, office and on oneself.

• Look over papers lying around. Remove, recycle, file and shred documents that contain personal information.

• Organize and put away items that are on the counters of the kitchen.

• Hang up clothing that is lying around. Donate clothing not worn recently. Give to a shelter or organization that will pick them up.

• Play music in the home and office. Choose classical, meditative, mantras, prayers, jazz or vocalists that sing nice positive lyrics. Music can have a healing, clearing and positive effect on the energy of the home and people.

• Smudge the home. Burn sage and walk through all the rooms to break up stuck energy. Drumming or shaking a rattle is another good way to break up the areas of stuck energy.

• Take an Epsom salt bath or shower to clear one self. Anyone with diabetes is advised to use baking soda instead.

Source: Karen Piedra is a realtor and family/home healer and master reiki teacher. She can be reached at 508-395-6392 or