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3 Tips for a Successful Spring Detox

Mar 30, 2017 05:01PM ● By Olivia Napoli

Spring is a time of rebirth. The budding beauty of fresh flower buds, leaves and shoots urge us to shed the stagnant energy and added weight accumulated over the winter. Spring is also a beautiful, bursting time of year to press the reset button and detox not only the physical body, but all areas of life ranging from health, home environment, relationships, finances and even career.

Here are three tips for a successful spring detox and renewal:

Juice Cleanse

Our bodies are naturally designed for detoxification. Every day, we eliminate toxins through our liver, colon, kidneys, lungs, skin and lymph glands. However, organs become taxed from the constant consumption of toxins from animal products, processed foods and pollution.

Liquid cleanses can help press the reset button and give our bodies a rest from the nutrient-poor junk that adds to our waistlines, robs us of energy, accelerates aging and makes us sick. Raw organic juice is alkalinizing, cell-rejuvenating, detoxifying, along with being a well-balanced source of nutrients and vitamins. As a bonus, taste buds are rewired to crave more of the good stuff. Once cells are fed the vitamins they need from nutrient-rich, plant-based foods, the body no longer craves the empty calories from junk foods that can lead to disease. Naturally, we become biologically cleaner organisms.

Clean, Light Nutrient-Dense Eating

A favorite quote by bestselling author Michael Pollan is, “Eat food. Not too much, mostly plants.” This is a great time of year for diets to lighten up by shifting to a more raw food, plant-based diet. It isn’t necessary to strive for a 100 percent raw diet; even a modest reduction in the ratio of proteins and fats can lead to a lighter and cleaner feeling during the warmer months. Raw, leafy green vegetables have a cooling effect on the body, while heavier dense, clogging foods like animal proteins and starches are a bit heavier.

Many health experts advocate for a green smoothie every morning to cleanse the body and cells, and prime the body for solid foods. Take full advantage of farmers markets, and look for the beautiful harbingers of spring, including asparagus, spring onions, shallots, scallions, spring peas, rhubarb and morel mushrooms. Increase water intake to flush out impurities, and try incorporating hot water with lemon in the afternoons and evenings, as it’s a wonderful cleansing tonic. Also, try increasing the consumption of raw apple cider vinegar by adding to salad dressings, as it has natural antiseptic qualities to help cleanse and build healthy gut flora.

Career and Passions

Our work and job satisfaction play a critical role in our overall health. Many spend decades in unsatisfying careers which wreaks havoc on their health, joy and fulfillment. Taking a quick pulse of one’s career and fulfillment levels is a great exercise to do during spring. Each of us has a gift that when discovered can lead to passion and purpose. Explore work that is motivating and inspires a higher purpose. Ask these questions: What makes me smile? What lights me up? If money wasn’t an issue, what would I do?

Once one’s purpose is identified, commit to taking steps to fulfill it. This requires setting well-defined goals and strategies with room for change. Consider working with a health or life coach for added accountability. Often, individuals make choices that are intimidating, but that is part of the process. Hold firmly to the vision of your dream career and meditate on it daily. Consider making a vision board or mind map to serve as a powerful visualization tool for the future. Use essential oils for increased focus, alertness and motivation.

Spring is an excellent time to take the first step. Harness the wave of powerful inspiration that rushes in with this invigorating season. Go with it. Trust it. Let intuition and passion be your guide.

Olivia Napoli is an Integrative Nutrition & Wellness Coach in the Boston area, specializing in one-on-one nutrition consulting, cooking classes and demonstrations, workplace wellness programs, workshops, seminars and more. Her LivWELL Health & Nutrition Program helps the busy professional reset the rules on food, fitness, stress management, sleep, relationships, career, grocery shopping and more. To learn more, visit or meet Napoli at one of her upcoming events or workshops.