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Natural Awakenings Boston

Innovative Coaching Program Leads to Life Transformation

Rose Siple, the founder of Thought Alchemy, is a transformational specialist, life coach, hypnotherapist and spiritual teacher. She is offering a new transformative coaching program called Becoming A Conscious Creator. It is an innovative coaching program that has been developed at Thought Alchemy over many years of program development and, according to Siple, “is one of the most powerful transformational programs a person can undertake to make positive change happen in their life.”

Becoming A Conscious Creator is a program that combines the teachings of sacred wisdom with the powerful transformative tools of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy to bring about amazing change in people’s lives. The program is offered on both an individual and group basis. The program spans a 120-day time period where each individual develops a life plan focus and then, through a transformative process of regular meetings and work with recorded hypnotic sessions, shifts their consciousness in a manner that enables them to become conscious creators of their own life. The program includes plan development, bi-weekly coaching and alternative weekly check-ins to ensure success which can be done in-person in Rehoboth or online via Web meetings.

Siple says, “Becoming a conscious creator means developing a different way of observing and responding to life. Your automatic mode of consciousness tends to take over and the old patterns derail conscious intent without even knowing how. A method is needed for catching the traps set by the old patterns, and that is exactly what Becoming A Conscious Creator does. It helps individuals transmute the old patterns into new positive patterns of behavior that can lead us to our dreams.”

Cost: $1,200. For more information, call 774-991-0574 or visit