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Natural Awakenings Boston

Peter S. Howe : Holistic Health Practitioner and Healer

Peter Howe’s road to health began with pain and injuries that he incurred as an arborist. After experiencing great relief from polarity and neuromuscular therapy, he was inspired to become certified in those techniques. As his interest and consciousness expanded to other forms of healing, he became certified in reiki and Hanna Somatics (biokinectics). He received a B.S. in transpersonal psychology, RoHun therapy and Brazilian Light Energization from Delphi University, and has studied Native American Ceremony with Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painter Arrow) and Sally Perry (Spirit Medicine Woman). He is also certified in pranic healing with Master Stephen Co, and in Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) with Premier Research Labs.

Services provided: In addition to therapies above, Howe offers monthly ceremonial sweat lodges, medicine wheel walking, bi-weekly meditation classes and energy clearings on homes and offices.

Areas of specialty: Help with chronic or acute physical pain, digestive issues, allergies and many other health conditions; nutritional testing; and energetic clearings of blocks or old beliefs and patterns that can negatively impact one’s well-being.

Healing/healthy living philosophy: Howe says, “I believe we all have the innate wisdom to heal ourselves and it is my passion to serve, inspire and support one’s process by awakening that wisdom and turning over whatever stones are necessary to achieve optimal health and wellness.”

Peter S. Howe, 98 Parmenter Rd. Framingham. For more information, call 508- 838-1101, email [email protected] or visit