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Natural Awakenings Boston

Johnson Compounding & Wellness: Naturopathic Medicine and Pharmacy

Johnson Compounding & Wellness has been family owned and operated since 1852. Steve and Diane Bernardi purchased the pharmacy from the Tankel family in November 1987. The business has been a mainstay on Main Street for the past 30 years, moving only a few blocks to expand the pharmacy.

Services provided: Johnson Compounding & Wellness is a holistic pharmacy specializing in custom-compounded medications and natural therapies. We provide monthly lectures to the public to educate consumers on the best way to take charge of their health. Lectures are free and are offered throughout the year. Seats are limited so reserve early. Visit our website for more information about upcoming lectures.

Areas of specialty: Dr. Gary Kracoff, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and Registered Pharmacist, offers fee-based consultations (30 or 60 minutes). Clients typically talk about their symptoms and problems, with the goal of understanding where the imbalances in their systems lie. Kracoff often suggests a plan that may include lifestyle changes, nutritional and supplemental support, homeopathic remedies and follow-up communications.

Healing/healthy living philosophy: We integrate holistic and Western medicine in order to provide the best care for our clientele. Rather than dispense mass-produced drugs, we custom-compound medications from scratch, mixing individual ingredients together in the exact strengths and dosages specified by your provider. Similarly, we have an extensive knowledge about natural and homeopathic remedies and supplements.

Johnson Compounding & Wellness, 577 Main St., Waltham. For more information, call 781-893-3870 or visit