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Free All-Natural Solution for Behavior Disorders

Every Tuesday in June, BrainCore USA will be offering free sessions to individuals to experience first-hand how performance brain training can help with ADHD, autism, learning disorders, behavior disorders, anxiety and PTSD.

The brain produces brainwaves that communicate with one another at rapid speeds. These brainwaves control our emotions, attitudes and actions; however, if the timing of this communication is off even slightly, the ability to learn and function can be impaired.

The good news is neurofeedback can train the brain to produce the proper brainwaves. This allows the brain to make the connections it needs to, using less effort and energy. When this happens, individuals are able to gain greater control of their emotions, self-control increases, and they are able to improve focus helping them become more productive. Neurofeedback is fun and effective for all ages.

A number of professional athletes and Olympians are using neurofeedback to increase their performance on the field. Some of the athletes and organizations using neurofeedback are: Kirk Cousins (NFL), Kerri Walsh-Jennings (Olympic beach volleyball champion), Italian World Cup Soccer Team (won the World Cup in 2006), Canadian Olympic Ski Team in 2009 (won most gold medals of any country in 2010 Winter Olympics), football players from University of Notre Dame, St. Thomas Aquinas High School (Florida state champions and national champions for five years), athletes that played for the Boston Red Sox and the Dallas Mavericks, and more.

Location: 132 Central St., #205A, Foxborough. For more information, call 844- 272-4666, email [email protected] or visit