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Feeling Good from the Inside Out

As I sit to write this note on the first day of summer, although rare of late, it happens to be an absolute picture-perfect morning. Not a cloud in the sky, the sun is shining brightly into the living room, there’s a sweet little puppy curled up beside me with his head blissfully resting over my leg, birds are chirping outside the window and all seems well in the world.

It’s easy to appreciate all this when Mother Nature makes it effortless, and not quite as easy when she dishes up less appealing circumstances. Practicing appreciation for all things in life has become a focus for me lately that has helped create a more balanced life – both emotionally and spiritually.

Growing up proved that practicing isn’t always the way I like to operate—with anything. My fallback was that if I wasn’t good at some activity right away I shied away from it instead of working to perfect my game. Historically I’ve generally chosen the path of least resistance, without giving it much thought.

I don’t let myself off the hook quite so easily anymore when it comes to emotional and spiritual growth. It’s taken years to establish a morning routine that helps keep me grounded throughout most days. Keeping the flexibility to adjust that routine and allow it to evolve has become critical to my wellbeing.

Actively taking steps that support my physical well-being has been more challenging. “Hiding out” behind my work is my default habit, which has resulted in weight gain incongruent with my intention and desire. Who can’t come up with a thousand excuses when there is so much to do and seemingly so little time? I can’t… not anymore anyway.

I stumbled upon a blood analysis company called InsideTracker several years ago and although intrigued, wasn’t quite ready to learn the truth about what was going on inside my body. That changed a few weeks ago when I decided I’d had enough; it was time to get my act together.

Shocking test results showed that my body’s internal age is a ghastly 14 years older than its chronological age, giving me a needed wakeup call. I’m thankful to have taken action to learn this invaluable information and am finding the platform extremely helpful to navigate the simple changes needed to correct reversible damage. It’s all reversible with the persistent practice of adding the specific healthy foods my body requires for optimal health.

Full disclosure: Although there could be an incentive for sharing my experience with InsideTracker, that’s not why I share it with you. I sincerely believe it could be a life changer for others like me that need a kick in the butt to step up their game in supporting their health. I also need you to hold me accountable for being a better example.

To feeling good from the inside out,

 Maisie Raftery, Publisher