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Ignite More Sexual Energy with Sacred Temple Arts

Jul 31, 2017 10:22AM

Sacred Temple Arts offers customized sessions and programs, for singles and couples, to ignite more sexual energy. Sacha L. Fossa is a highly trained and experienced sex, intimacy and relationship coach, educator and holistic healer, offering the keys to sensual and sexual healing, awakening, more pleasure and empowerment, at any life stage.

Sacha L. Fossa

Working with clients, Fossa delves into the world of accessing, utilizing, increasing and directing more sexual energy for greater pleasure, health and vitality, in and out of the bedroom. She presents a new and cutting-edge holistic sex education that includes tantra, sacred sexuality and a more metaphysical, yet extremely practical, approach. Says Fossa, “What if it was possible to not only have an evolving array of orgasms, but to actually live orgasmically? What if this is your natural state of being, when you become more tuned into your energy?”

Sessions are conducted virtually, or in person, at Sacred Temple Arts, in Newburyport. Fossa maintains it is vital for everyone, especially women, to deepen their connection to their own pleasure centers, individually and collectively. “An essential ingredient is missing from most women’s lives: the ability to tap into their own arousal, and therefore, turn on their lives,” she says. “A turned-on life is a well lived life.”

Fossa has walked this path personally and guides her clients through the trenches of drama, trauma, stress and dis-ease, to new ways of being and creating choice, freedom and even ecstasy in their lives. She is a valuable resource for those that have had sexual trauma. Fossa creates an opportunity in a safe, nurturing environment to learn and experience techniques that go beyond talk therapy and allopathic healing modalities. Energy and bodywork is combined with coaching, and all clients receive homeplay practices in a specialized program designed for them to continue to expand their practices in between sessions. There is no nudity during sessions.

“The key to healing is awareness and attunement to the body’s desires,” Fossa says. She believes that by becoming more aware and embodied, expansion beyond the physical world’s perceived limitations and indoctrinated beliefs that prevent healing is more than possible. To put it simply, Fossa says, “Sexual energy is life force energy and the fuel for faster expansions in awakening consciousness, and therefore, healing. This is possible for everyone. Please do not discount it until you have tried it.”

Location: Sacred Temple Arts, 121 Water St., Newburyport. For more information, call 978-309-9399 or visit

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