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Campaign for Holistic Healthcare Insurance Coverage

The Holistic Healthcare Initiative of Massachusetts is conducting a grassroots campaign for a 2018 ballot question asking citizens of Massachusetts whether they believe holistic modalities should be covered by their legislatively mandated health insurance.

Unfortunately, the legislative process has become quite costly, and estimates for this campaign are running at approximately $2.4 million. Right now, the goal is to raise $225,000 by the end of September. Every donation helps, both large and small, in order to take on the long-established Western medicine groups which have dominated the legislative process, thereby controlling the choices available to patients.

“It is time to take our power back and allow the people to have some choice in their health care,” says Dr. Kevin J. Lizotte, ND, and chairman of the Holistic Healthcare Inititiative. “There is research coming out every day demonstrating the effectiveness of holistic modalities. Many citizens utilize these alternative therapies, but even more would be open to the possibilities if the treatments were covered by their insurance.”

Donations can be sent to Holistic Healthcare Initiative of MA, P.O. Box 52342, Boston, MA 02205 or made online at Stay updated on Facebook @ Holistic Healthcare Initiative of MA.