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Natural Awakenings Boston

The Revolution of Consciousness Sponsors Workshop on Better Diabetes Management

Rosanne Ryder and Christine Emmi

First in a series of workshops, lectures and film screenings sponsored by The Revolution of Consciousness, certified holistic health coaches Rosanne Ryder and Christine Emmi will lead a free workshop for individuals with or suspecting Type 2 diabetes at 7 p.m., November 14, at Johnson Compounding and Wellness, in Waltham. A diagnosis of Type 2 or prediabetes can be stressful. This workshop not only addresses simple steps to learning healthy eating and exercise patterns that will help improve A1C, but also a shift in thinking to stay motivated and positive by providing stress relieving and mindfulness practices.

Ryder, who is also trained as a National Diabetes Prevention Program Life Coach states, “Many people think that the easiest way to manage diabetes is to take medication, but according to the Diabetes Prevention Program study, lifestyle change was even more effective in reducing the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes than taking metformin.”

Attendees will be given concrete guidelines on how to eat for blood sugar management, including understanding label reading and portion control. Learn the proper amount and best carbohydrates to eat and how to swap out unhealthy food choices for healthier versions. The pair will also address some of the obstacles that can limit progress such as negative thinking patterns and habits and how to replace them. A stress management mindfulness exercise will be taught as well.

Gary Kracoff, RPh, ND will also be discussing what is occurring metabolically and will provide information on a few supplements that can help with insulin resistance.  Kracoff states, "Diet and lifestyle are the most important and long lasting therapy.  Supplementation can help, but won't work with out diet and lifestyle changes." This workshop will provide attendees with tools and practical steps for taking control of their metabolic health. 

Space is limited. Please call to reserve your seat.

Cost: Free. Location: 577 Main St., Waltham. For more information, call 774-275-9659 or visit