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An Owner’s Manual for a Fulfilling Life

On January 1, Kelly McCormack is releasing the first of a three-book series that is designed to help us gain competence and grow immensely, both personally and professionally. “If we were fully competent in how our human complex works, we could fulfill our potential to create meaningfully in this world,” she says.

The series is called Creating a Leader, related to the inner work that is necessary to lead oneself. The first title is Simply Limitless. Simply Powerful will follow on July 4, and Simply YOU on January 1, 2019.

These books offer accessible models and frameworks that include stick-figure drawings and explanations that are available to everyone. McCormack wrote this as an owner’s manual for herself and then decided to share it with others that don’t have the 15,000 hours to invest, but want the benefit of those experiences.

McCormack has worked with leaders for more than 30 years. The Creating a Leader series captures solutions found in her decades of varied, intensive personal and professional research and experiences. She offers practical solutions to help improve the quality and quantity of power leaders have to create for themselves and those around them. She is an expert in human development technology, specializing in the ultra-high performance state of flow.

Cost: $9.95 at Amazon. For more information, visit