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Rising Seas Threaten Boston

The coastline is being destroyed right before Bostonian’s eyes. The Climate Action Business Association (CABA) is standing up to protect Commonwealth small business communities against imminent danger.

Climate Action Business Association is leading the fight against the rising sea levels that threaten all we know and love here in Massachusetts. Last month’s series of raging Nor’easters brought heavy winds, torrential snow and rain and unrelenting floods to communities up and down our coasts. Now more than ever, residents are witnessing the consequences of irresponsible environmental policies. That is why this year, CABA is strengthening its commitment to coastal resiliency and protecting the local business upon which we all depend.

CABA’s 2016 award-winning campaign for Businesses Acting on Rising Seas (BARS) transformed the way more than 500 coastal businesses respond to climate change. Building on this momentum, CABA is preparing to launch the second BARS campaign this summer. It is working to harness the power of their student ambassadors, the next generation of climate leaders, to arm more than 1,000 businesses with the tools and resources necessary to be prepared and resilient in the face of global warming.

To find out more about our previous BARS campaigns, visit

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