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American Holistic Nurses Association Boston Chapter Announces Monthly Meetings

The Boston Chapter of the American Holistic Nurses Association will begin holding monthly meetings starting April 3, at the Massachusetts General Hospital – Institute of Health Professions Charlestown. The meetings are free and open to all practitioners interested in holistic/integrative practices.

The first meeting will be led by Alison Shaw, a registered nurse specializing in holistic and integrative healthcare. Shaw will be giving a presentation titled Embodied Nursing: How to Find Your Ground, Move From Center and Embody Healing Presence For Self-Care and Improved Patient Outcomes.

These meetings will provide a space where holistically minded nurses and healthcare practitioners can share knowledge and skills through presentations, exchange professional and personal support, and encourage the growth of holistic/integrative practices within the local medical and healthcare community.

Cost: Free. Location: Charlestown Navy Yard, 36 1st Ave., Boston. For more information, call 781-646-0686, email [email protected] or visit