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Weight Loss Without Dieting: Hypnosis at Thought Alchemy

Apr 30, 2018 08:11PM ● By Natural Awakenings Staff

Although each person’s results will vary, certain things can be expected from weight loss hypnosis at Thought Alchemy. First, according to owner and hypnotherapist Rose Siple, the body is designed to eliminate excess and knows what is best for it if an individual knows how to observe and tune into the messages being sent. One of the most powerful results from this process is that the body’s biological mechanism will reset itself when void of conditioning and emotional programming, and individuals will begin to eat to live, instead of living to eat.

When no longer on the diet roller coaster, the body begins to reclaim itself and thoughts like “I shouldn’t have that” or “I should stay away from that food,” go away. The most common thing clients state is that the bad or harmful foods that used to draw them no longer have the pull. The result: slow, gradual weight loss that is lasting.

The body, through the subconscious mind, begins to seek better health, with re-routed and re-calibrated neural pathways, directing the individual to seek different ways to relieve stress, boredom, worry and the numerous other stressors that trigger comfort eating. As a result, the biological mechanism begins to guide individuals toward healthier food choices. Often people that have had an aversion to vegetables and fruits, or foods they were raised upon, begin to seek them out. The interesting part of hypnosis is that no direct suggestions are made about those foods; just gentle guidance to the subconscious mind to get the body back on track.

Throughout the process, individuals will be taught observational skills geared toward understanding the way the subconscious mind responds to events. With this new awareness, combined with a process that takes individuals forward without dependence on the hypnotist, the clients’ session recordings cover about 85 percent of the weight loss issues in their life. They learn to see more clearly when a life event is triggering an old eating behavior and a means to resolving it on their own if an old pattern begins to resurface. Sustaining the change is critical and will last if the new neural pathway is appropriately anchored with the subconscious mind.

Success is in each individual’s hands by working with the program and listening appropriately to the session recordings as instructed until anchored, and then observing events to see where potentially new life events are triggering old patterns or the formation of new patterns. Turning to the recordings to help get through trigger events, such as the holidays or a family event, will help people to remap the pattern. There are also sessions to help when encountering a new life event.

The process does not work by magic; client participation and cooperation are critical. The understanding of how the mind works, how a pattern is formed and how triggers fire off bad habits is critical. Typically anywhere from three to six sessions are needed, however, each individual is different. Along with hypnosis, some individuals need help with changing diet or incorporating exercise into their regimen. If life is chaotic and stressful, sometimes it is necessary to tackle that before success with food will occur.

Without a doubt, Thought Alchemy’s process is powerful. It changes one’s approach to food and puts people in the driver’s seat, slowly guiding them to their body’s appropriate balance point. Often, clients will say that they did not realize how effective it was until they were a couple years down the road and still not going off the deep-end on food. Perhaps they occasionally fall away, but they quickly get back on track with their session files. People will find they are more successful with the changes they make and adhere to new lifestyle changes more easily.

Rose Siple is the founder of Thought Alchemy’s Transformation Center and is a certified professional hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, coach and spiritual teacher. She works with clients privately and in small groups, as well as teaches a curriculum of studies that facilitate personal transformation. Thought Alchemy is located in Rehoboth, MA, and also offers on-line services. For more information, call 774-991-0574 or visit

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