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The Wise Way to Yoga : An Emerging Movement

May 31, 2018 12:14PM ● By Cecile Raynor

The wise way to yoga is the result of practicing yoga with awareness of how we use our body as a whole in every pose. This way, it is always in line with the innate and efficient functioning of our human design. It brings about the ability to perform at our best with optimal safety.

The wise way to yoga does not focus on detailed anatomy knowledge. Instead, it embraces kinesthetic anatomy which we don’t need to learn as it has been part of us since we were born. As a result, we simply use mundane labeling of body parts so anyone can follow instructions easily. The wise way to yoga includes a willingness to not cast the perfection of poses in stone given that we all have different bodies and fitness level awareness. It helps us find the perfection within our imperfections.

Wise yogis are a new brand of yogi. They know that strain is only delayed pain.  They have outgrown the “no pain-no gain” paradigm. They don’t disregard their body guidance simply to follow instructions.  They use common sense, sensitivity and their whole-body guidance in their practice.  They know how to gain maximum benefits from their practice without pain or strain.

Wise yogis challenge their body as a whole for best performance.

Wise yogis cooperate with their whole-body intelligence for optimal safety.  They set themselves up for success by avoiding comparison with other yogis.  They know that it is essential for the traditional cuing language to change for the constructive evolution of yoga practice. Active verbs tend to urge yogis to overdo. Lengthen your spine becomes a shortening of the spine due to the tensing happening when trying to lengthen. Upward motions like chest lifting end up starting in the mid-back instead of being an expansion of the whole body from the ground up.

Wise yogis know the ideal form of a pose is a guide, not a goal.  They focus on what works, rather than what doesn’t.  They value the integrated functioning of their body rather than the perfection of a pose. This leads them to the best expression of any pose to fi t their own body, in each moment.

Wise yogis look inside themselves for answers.  They are ready to discover and drop habits no longer serving them.  They know how to access their inner guidance anywhere, anytime.  They enjoy deep self-confidence not based on appearances.

Wise yogis choose win/win scenarios based on cooperation.  They choose compassion for themselves and others. And they become the change they want to see happen in the world. By allowing their body parts to work together harmoniously as good team players, they promote their relationships, communities and the world to also work in harmony towards peace.

Cecile Raynor is a Body Intelligence Activation expert. She coaches yoga teachers, trainees and committed practitioners locally and online to gain their best performance with optimal safety regardless of their style of yoga. For the past 25 years, she has been teaching the BIA Process, her expression of the Alexander Technique. She is also a Thai yoga therapist and a reiki practitioner. Author of The Wise Way to Yoga, she has local events scheduled starting June 2, where she presents her book, give hands-on demonstrations and signs books. For more information about her work, her book events and raffle or to view the Manifesto of the Wise Yogi, visit