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Gut-Brain Axis: The Key to Overall Health and Happiness

Amare Global will be hosting two information sessions on the links between nutrition, biochemistry and psychology, on June 2, in Newton, and on June 3, in Cambridge.

The sessions will be led by Dr. Shawn Talbott who has been at the forefront of a scientific paradigm in the importance of optimal gut health and its impact on mental wellness. Many are familiar with the brain in their head, but few know that humans also have a second brain in the gut. These two brains talk to each other through a complex network of nerves, cells and bio-chemicals called the Gut- Brain Axis (GBX).

The GBX also includes 100 trillion bacteria weighing between three and four pounds. These bacteria help modulate the immune system, emotions, behaviors, inflammatory response and many other aspects of mental and physical wellness. If the gut, brain and GBX are not functioning properly, mental well-being is compromised.

The sessions will focus on the ways that both ancient traditions and modern scientific principles can be used to promote a healthy gut-brain connection. The cost is free and exact locations are to be announced.

Cost: Free. Locations and times: TBA. For more information, call 978- 877-6122, email [email protected] or visit

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