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A Quick Guide to Summertime Wellness

The sun is out, temperatures are getting hotter and everyone is spending more time outdoors. Protection from the powerful summer sun is crucial, as is adequate hydration. First, use sunscreen products that have fewer chemicals and that pose less risk to sensitive skin, such as those that are typically made up of mineral-based creams and lotions. Brands that contain zinc oxide as an active ingredient will help block powerful UV rays. This mineral forms a barrier on the surface of the skin that works as a UV ray reflector, thus helping to prevent sunburn and what is often called “sun rash”.

There are also many clothing lines that block UV rays and these should be worn when out in the sun for any length of time. Covering as much skin as possible will reduce—but not eliminate—the chance of overexposure to the sun.

Adequate hydration is also vitally important in the summer months. Sip, but do not gulp, filtered or purified water whenever it is possible. This will replace water lost to perspiration and will prevent against heat exhaustion and sunstroke.

These steps seem simple yet every summer many people seek medical treatment requiring relief from over-exposure to the sun. The best way to treat a sunburn, which can have lasting effects, is to not get one in the first place.

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