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When Good Foods Make Us Feel Bad

Jun 29, 2018 11:47AM ● By Kristine Jelstrup

Kristine Jelstrup tests a client

In general, people should be able to eat any and all healthy organic foods, but for some people even some healthy foods are out of reach. Sometimes even good foods can make an individual feel bad and so they avoid them. Avoiding foods doesn’t take care of the root issue of why someone has a sensitivity to particular foods in the first place, but it can keep them from feeling bad.

There can be several reasons some foods make individuals feel bad from having a body overburdened by toxins like pesticides, to having flat out allergies to certain foods. Some people seek the aid of a medical allergist that can help desensitize them to foods by giving them tiny doses of the offending food in an injection over many months. Others rely on pharmaceuticals to keep their histamine levels low. A less invasive method, and often times equally or even more effective technique, is through energy work.

Applied kinesiologists often have allergen desensitization as one of the techniques they practice. Through muscle response testing, a kinesiologist can find out which foods make the nervous system weak by eliciting a weak muscle response. Once known, several techniques are available to desensitize the body to food allergens.

One such technique is called the Hypothalamus Reset Technique, developed in part by Dr. Michael Chance, DC, of Gainesville, Florida. This technique connects the energy of the hypothalamus with the energy of a supplement that feeds the hypothalamus, to “turn it on”, and the energy of the food the client is sensitive to in order to desensitize the body to the offending food.

The hypothalamus is known as the “master of homeostasis” for the body. It connects the nervous system to the endocrine system and detects hormone levels in the blood. Some foods negatively affect the hypothalamus and create dysregulation in the body. Desensitizing the hypothalamus to these allergens will improve the body’s regulation and make these foods less of a problem. After a few treatments the client is able to eat the food they couldn’t before without any negative effects. In many cases even anaphylaxis to foods has been cleared and then certified by an M.D. for safety.

Kristine Jelstrup, LMT, CBK, is a natural health care practitioner and owner of Central Square Health and Wellness, located at 126 Prospect St., #5, in Cambridge. For more information, call 617-833-3407 or visit

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