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Living in the Now

Jul 30, 2018 10:43AM

 I  was so grateful to read this month’s Conscious Eating article, “Mighty Minerals: What We Need to Stay Healthy,” by Judith Fertig. With the plethora of often contradictory information that crosses our path, it’s helpful to have an overview that identifies the range of minerals our bodies need based on up-to-date data from the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies—one of five, private, nonprofit institutions trusted to provide independent, objective analysis.

Similarly, we encounter information overload in just about every arena these days, much of it in the form of biased sources, unsupported claims and even fake news. Sorting out reliable truths among myriad and often opposing opinions is a challenge.

Tuning into what feels right internally is helpful for me as I sift through bits of information. Generally, I accept those that resonate personally and leave the rest behind, perhaps for future consideration. Recently I’ve discovered that the more I focus in the present moment, the clearer and more obvious day-to-day and larger life choices become.

I’ve been listening to Eckhart Tolle’s audio book The Power of Now as I clear forest paths on a friend’s farm in the early morning hours. Plans call for their future use of the land for personal development workshops and retreats. Listening to Tolle’s book, I realize that once wasn’t enough if I am to absorb the essence of the teachings sufficiently to apply in my experience.

Publishing a monthly magazine with deadlines headed into future weeks and months always has me peeking into the future. Plus old habits frequently have us looking back to the past and forward to the future at the expense of the present moment. I’m discovering how much time I spend everywhere, but in the now. Practicing what I’m learning is having a profound effect on the underlying peace and clarity of my thinking, especially as I’m consistent with it.

My current understanding is that time spent anywhere other than in the here and now is time wasted. That’s not to say that we can’t make plans and cherish dreams. The key is learning to let go of worries for the future and avoid ruminating about past resentments and regrets. We learn to catch and correct ourself when we revert to these old habits.

I can sincerely attest that this new way of thinking and living has the power to bring anyone a refreshing sense of freedom and peace. It allows us to more fully experience and enjoy life in every moment.

May we each find our way to the joys of presence,

Maisie Raftery, Publisher

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