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Natural Awakenings Boston

Essential Oils for Intimacy Consultations on Sale Now

Sacha Fossa, sexual empowerment coach, educator and holistic practitioner at Sacred Temple Arts, is offering a $50 discount on essential oils for intimacy consultations.

Essential oils can contribute greatly to not only overall health, but to sexual health and arousal. Using high quality, therapeutic grade, specific oils in the recommended amounts can effectively affect mood, stimulate passion and libido, and reduce fatigue. Many essential oils have aphrodisiac properties. These properties enhance and stimulate passion and sexual arousal while raising the body temperature to an ideal state.

Those interested will learn how, when, why and where to use essential oils in daily life for maximum benefit and ease; get the proper education on which oils will be of most benefit to one’s sex and/or love life, partnered or not; learn about the value of using essential oils in one’s daily regimen; and how to address any specific concerns one may have with essential oil support.

For more information, call 978-309-9399, email [email protected], or visit