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SCENAR Therapy: Untapped Potential of Human Healing : Therapy Spotlight

Self-Control Energy Neuro Adaptation Regulation (SCENAR) is a Russian technology developed to help keep Russian astronauts in space healthy. Today SCENAR is used on all continents as an innovative, non-invasive health technology. Thousands of doctors, various health practitioners, Olympic athletes and everyday people are using and enjoying this miraculous modality of energy medicine to stay healthy and young. Scientific research and extensive experience accumulated by SCENAR users undoubtedly prove the technology to be a high-efficiency tool for healing a wide variety of health disorders.

SCENAR is FDA-approved for helping with any condition causing pain in the human body. It uses electrical properties of the biggest organ in our body and our third brain—the skin—to communicate with the main brain and stimulate self-healing properties in the body. From brain stroke to arthritis and bone fracture to dementia, any condition of the body can be viewed as stress and followed by adaptation phenomena leading either to complete healing or chronic disease.

SCENAR forms a healing triangle with technology, patient and the healer in order to show the body’s current problem “here-and-now”, and lets the body choose the path for self-healing. In Boston Dental Wellness’ holistic dental practice, the practitioner uses this technology as an integrative approach for pain control after surgeries, extractions, TMJ treatment, migraines, head and neck pain syndromes, and a variety of other conditions connected to oral health. For a limited time, Boston Dental Wellness is hosting Dr. Iosif Semikatov, an expert in SCENAR therapy and world-renowned educator.

Boston Dental Wellness is located at 1842 Beacon St., Ste. 305, Brookline. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Iosif Semikatov, call 617-868-1516 for appointments through December 11.