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Katie DiChiara, Founder: Bliss Brain

At Bliss Brain, clients learn how to utilize their brain’s natural neuroplastic abilities through NeuroSculpting to release stresses and traumas, create balance in their immune response and create healthy new habits to live to one’s full potential.

Katie DiChiara, the founder of Bliss Brain, has studied various forms of neural retraining and meditation including the Gupta Programme, mindfulness, pranayama, mantra meditation and transcendental meditation, and is a certified NeuroSculpting facilitator and Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra guide. She is also a 200-hour RYT hatha and vinyasa yoga instructor and an artist. Her love of meditation, first-hand experience with overcoming chronic illness, fascination with how the brain works and creativity as an artist are a perfect combination to shape the ideal meditation for your specific needs.

Services provided: NeuroSculpting meditation facilitation, guided meditation and meditation instruction available as classes, workshops, corporate and private sessions both in-person and online.

Areas of specialty: stress reduction, brain re-training, chronic illness, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, traumatic brain injury and limiting beliefs.

Healing/healthy living philosophy: Bliss Brain’s goal is to share how easily accessible your full potential for health and happiness is through NeuroSculpting and meditation. You will learn how to utilize the brain’s natural neuroplasticity to release traumas, illness, stresses and limiting beliefs to create a more positive, productive and healthy life.

Bliss Brain, 64 Union Square, Somerville. For more information, call 617-821-5560 or visit