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Clark Reddick : The Boston Alphabiotics Center

Jan 03, 2019 09:59PM

Unrelieved stress is the leading risk factor in all disease. Hans Selye called stress “the nonspecific response of the organism.” In fact, it has been discovered to be a very specific, identifiable response. The real breakthrough, however, is we now know how to release it. Alphabiotics is a scientifically proven, hands-on process that instantly releases brain stress while unifying and balancing energy between the left and right hemispheres. Energy previously consumed by an unneeded survival program is liberated. The innate intelligence of the body uses this newly available resource to resolve challenges and heal on a priority basis.

Services provided: Stress relief and recovery.

Areas of specialty: Years of adaptation to chronic stress rewire the nervous system in a way that deeply compromises the healing process. Stress can affect people on every level of being—spiritually, cognitively and physically. For this reason, results have been reported for a multitude of stress-related conditions. Clark suggests, “If you’ve never considered this before, Google ‘stress’ plus your limitation and see. You might be surprised.” He continues “The Alignment Process itself produces a decompressive effect that is, on its own, extraordinary. The real magic, however, is in the profound state of integration one experiences as fight or flight is shed in favor of deep parasympathetic activity. You instantly calibrate at a higher state of consciousness.”

Healing/healthy living philosophy: Your mind and body have an incredible capacity to self-heal, but the stress response gets in the way. Many are rediscovering their true potential through this amazing process.

Clark Reddick, The Boston Alphabiotics Center, Waltham. Private membership association. To apply for membership or for more information, call 617-930-2133, email [email protected] or visit

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