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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

Be as Simple as You Can Be Workshop Explores Breema

Luna Lacey, CMT, and Susan Mankowski, CMT, will host a special Breema workshop, Be as Simple as You Can Be, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., March 9, at The Boston Center for Contemplative Practice, in Newton Centre.

Breema is a practical, down-to-earth approach to being present that can bring more meaning and understanding to the lives of both laypersons and health professionals. By learning and practicing Breema bodywork, Self-Breema exercises and the Nine Principles of Harmony, students learn to move, think and feel in new, yet totally natural ways.

Breema helps the mind be clearer, the feelings to be calmer and more supportive, and the body to be more relaxed, flexible and vital. Breema asks students to be simple—offering them a tangible and direct experience of their essential selves.

A complimentary Experience Breema evening class with mini-sessions will take place from 7 to 9 p.m., March 8. It precedes the Saturday workshop at the same venue. The free class, mini-sessions and workshop will be great opportunities to learn how Breema can support an individual in becoming and remaining more present. All are welcome to participate in this floor-based practice.

Cost: $125. Location: 796 Beacon St., Newton. Half-day participation is offered. For more information, call 541-484-2882 or visit Breema.Info/Boston.