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The Benefits of Meditation with Sound Vibration in the Corporate Environment

Jun 03, 2019 07:41PM ● By Priscilla Gale

Stress management for the corporate environment not only improves the health and wellness of each individual employee, but the health and wellness of the company as a whole. Stress in any form (physical, mental or emotional), activates the sympathetic nervous system, triggering the release of hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol which directly impact blood pressure, immune functions, blood glucose and inflammation. When the nervous system is chronically activated by stress, the excess of circulating hormones creates dysfunctions such as irritability, high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, anxiety, insomnia and other maladies resulting from chronic inflammation.

For successful companies to remain competitive in today’s global marketplace, they need to possess a clear vision of their goals as well as the inspiration to be innovative, with both leadership and teamwork focused towards success. The success of any business begins with the individual as inspiration and innovation are born at the individual level. Every person that realizes there are infinite possibilities around them experiences limitless creativity when not seriously limited by stress.

One form of stress management is mindful meditation, based on 2,500-year-old Buddhist principles of being attentive to the “right here, right now present” in order to sense the infinite eternal state of consciousness throughout the whole body and whole being, thus shifting our crazy- busy thinking mind into infinite stillness, peace and silence. Gongs, Himalayan singing bowls and crystal singing bowls are powerful methods to shift the mind into stillness and for reducing stress. They create an ocean of sound that is profoundly relaxing, activating the parasympathetic nervous system which naturally supports the increase of disease fighting immune cells to balance the over-amped, overtaxed sympathetic nervous system.

Water serves to conduct sound waves and the body is largely comprised of water. The vibrations gently reverberate, traveling over, around and through the body to calmly relax and soothe the body. Sound travels from the outer ear throughout the body via the vagus nerve, impacting brain waves, respiratory and heart rate. Blood pressure drops and breath is restored to its natural rhythm. Gongs and bowls induce a holistic resonance and a spontaneous meditative state in the mind, effortlessly creating a cleansing process for the subconscious mind. As it’s not music that follows a melody, the logical analytical part of the brain can’t figure it out, thus allowing for the mind to completely disengage, empty and blissfully float into a peaceful deep meditative state. There, the turmoil and stresses of everyday life begin to be released, cleared, cleansed and washed away.

Sound meditation empowers employees to succeed and lead more balanced, fulfilling and productive lives both at home and in the workplace. Clinical studies in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine and others have shown an increase in mental clarity, concentration and awareness, enhanced productivity and efficiency, improved communication, confidence, overall health and well-being and reduced stress. Companies benefit from reduced healthcare costs, decreased absenteeism due to illness, employee loyalty, less personnel turnover and increased employee retention.

Priscilla Gale is, among many things, a crystal singing bowls practitioner and holds a master’s certification in Himalayan singing bowls. She travels extensively throughout New England performing public sound healing meditations with both Himalayan and crystal singing bowls as well as offering private sound healing sessions with a crystal healing bed. For more information, call 978-897-8846 or visit