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Flower Essences for Sexual Health and Wellness

Sacha Fossa of Sacred Temple Arts has now added flower essences to her array of tools for sexual wellness and healing. As a certified flower essence consultant (through Delta Gardens), Fossa has experience using essences as powerful catalysts for change. Limiting or negative beliefs, or persistent thoughts, moods or conditions, especially in relation to one’s sex and/or love life, drain life force.

The cumulative effects of everyday thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and habits determine not only how one moves through their life, but also how one creates their intimate life. Essences work with alleviating stress, anxiety, anger and more that blocks life-force and pleasure. They are a simple and effective way to release whatever is blocking an individual from experiencing the joyful quality of life that reflects their true inner sexual essence.

Cost: 20 percent off consultations for readers. For more information, call 978-309- 9399, email [email protected] or visit