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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

Life-Changing Vision Quest Mitote in the Catskill Mountains

Join Janet StraightArrow from August 9 to 11 in a comfortable retreat house on beautiful, pristine land in Accord, New York, for a vision quest mitote. This is an opportunity for attendees to be alone in nature to hear their heart speak and receive the fullness of who they are while opening to the next stage of their life path. It is a gift that is magical, deep and transformative.

A mitote is a Toltec ceremony raising our energy and light, offering a release of illusions and past hurts through chants, focus on fire and lucid dreaming. The mitote occurs the night before the quest, preparing participants to be open to new beginnings, messages and visions in the morning vision quest. A guide is close by and yet far enough away for individuals to have privacy and a feeling of oneness with themselves.

 StraightArrow has been holding these events since 2003, helping event-goers awaken clarity, life purpose and joy as they break through illusions, fears and ego. A vision quest is a rite of passage taken by someone moving through a period of change in their life, spiritual awakening, or any shift point or loss in life. This event allows for weeks of preparation and process as people move toward the pinnacle weekend where they gather at the retreat center for the ceremonial weekend. This gentle yet powerful weekend is life changing. By the time individuals come to their silent time questing, they are ready to have a profound experience and be re-birthed.

Cost: $575, includes lodging and healthy food for the weekend. For more information, call 973-647-2500, email [email protected] or visit