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Holistic Dentistry: Free and Mercury-Safe

According to the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT), “All dental amalgam restorations, also commonly referred to as silver fillings, contain approximately 50 percent mercury, and reports and research are consistent that these fillings emit mercury vapors.” Holistic dentist Dr. Amparo M. David cites the research, “Mercury is released when people drink cold drinks and hot drinks.” Mercury vapor is also known to be released from dental mercury amalgam fillings at higher rates during brushing, cleaning, clenching and chewing, and mercury is also known to be released during the placement, replacement and removal of dental mercury amalgam fillings. Dentistry by Dr. David is metal-free, BPA-free, mercury-free and mercury-safe.

Mercury-free means that a dentist avoids amalgam or other mercury products in new restorations. Mercury-safe means that the dentist is trained in, and follows, a rigid protocol to prevent mercury exposure and environmental pollution when removing amalgam fillings. IAOMT shares scientific research demonstrating that dental mercury amalgam exposes dental professionals, dental staff, dental patients and fetuses to releases of mercury vapor, mercury-containing particulates and/or other forms of mercury contamination. David is certified in the updated Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART).

SMART dentistry includes:

• A breathing mask to deliver a clean air supply to the patient, while filtering out the mercury

• A non-latex dam/Isolite used to isolate teeth from the rest of the mouth, so the patient avoids contact and is prevented from swallowing particles

• Two specialized suction devices to collect larger pieces of mercury and direct the vapor straight to an air filter

• Sectioning the amalgam into chunks, using a small diameter carbide drill

• Disposable gowns and drapes to prevent mercury from settling on the clothing of both the patients and the dental personnel

• The use of an activated charcoal and/or chlorella slurry to bind with the mercury and prevent its absorption into the body

Treatment rooms are outfitted with high-energy ionizers to collect mercury from the air onto ionized plates. Amalgam traps and special mercury filters in the office’s drainage also help to protect the environment.

Dentistry by Dr. David makes direct fillings from plastic compounds, also called composite resins. These compounds have the advantage of imitating the appearance of natural teeth. Ceramic restorations for crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers and bridges are made with CEREC state-of-the-art technology. The dentist uses a small camera to take an extremely accurate 3-D image of the tooth surface. Then she makes adjustments with CAD/CAM technology to design and fit the replacement. Once the design looks just right, the restoration is cut by the office’s CEREC milling unit in a matter of minutes. The inlay, onlay or crown is then laid in place and tested, before being bonded to the tooth surface.

David’s holistic functional approach to dentistry takes into account a person’s entire physical and emotional state. She will suggest that the patient work with a naturopath to develop a mercury detox regimen that supports the SMART procedure. Patients may also opt for the QuickSilver or Hevert Homeopathic protocols. David recommends natural therapies be used in conjunction with conventional ones.

It is important to note the IAOMT cautions against amalgam filling removal for women that are pregnant or breast-feeding, and it requests that dental personnel that are pregnant or breast-feeding avoid work that disrupts amalgam fillings.

Location: 563 Main Street, Bolton. For more information on mercury-free and mercury- safe dentistry, call 978-779-2888 or visit

Wendy Fachon is a regular contributor to Natural Awakenings Boston.