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Hair Loss 
Treatment Regrow It with Stem Cell 

Therapy Spotlight- Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Loss

Dr. Yujin Nah, of STEMsential Integrative Stem Cell Center, in Franklin, is treating hair loss in men and women with exosomes, which are stem cells that become protein building blocks, signaling follicular cellular growth that facilities hair growth. 

With exosomes, the procedure is much simpler than hair transplantation and converts the hair growth cycle to active anagen phase from telogen phase (the inactive period between hair growth).
With traditional methods, it takes about six to nine months to see the results; with exosome, treatment results can be seen within six weeks.

Nah, who is board certified in internal medicine and a Kundalini yoga teacher and practitioner of Japanese healing art (Jin Shin Jyutsu), understands that hair loss can have a negative psychological impact in people. “It is amazing to see people with introverted personalities change to full confidence with rapid hair regrowth starting around six weeks post treatments,” she says. 
While practicing medicine for 15 years in Korea and the United States, Nah has continuously looked for ways to bring Eastern wisdom and Western medicine together to harmonize health. In addition to traditional medical approaches, she holds numerous workshops for teaching yoga and meditation. 

Nah says, “I believe that one’s healing has to be approached in every aspect from mindfulness, meditation and opening the energy flow through the hands-on healing arts and nutrition. With that in mind, I have integrated the cutting-edge technology of stem cell treatment with all other modalities at the Stemsential Integrative Stem Cell Center.”

Location: 150 Emmons St., Ste. 6, Franklin. For more information, call 508-669-7600 or visit