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Therapy Spotlight: Reduce Signs Of Aging Non-Surgical Face Lifts at STEMsential

STEMsential Integrative Stem Cell Center, in Franklin, is offering polydioxanone (PDO) facial lifts, sometimes called a thread lift, as an innovative and minimally invasive procedure to lift and tighten loose, aging skin. Until recently, the only option to address skin laxity problems like drooping cheeks and jowls was to commit to a surgical facelift. But many people aren’t willing to undergo surgery or don’t feel like their skin concerns are severe enough to require a surgical procedure.

A PDO facial lift is an excellent option to improve one’s appearance without surgery. During the procedure, Yujin Nah, M.D., uses temporary sutures to lift and reposition the skin to create a taut, youthful appearance. The suture threads are made from PDO, a colorless, crystalline biodegradable synthetic polymer that physicians have been using as dissolvable stitches for decades. 

Once Nah places the PDO threads into the skin, they provide three distinct benefits. First, they mechanically lift and reposition the skin. Second, the threads stimulate collagen production, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and improves the skin elasticity. Finally, the threads cause the subdermal fat tissue to contract, which tightens the skin even more.

Most of the time, a PDO facial lift takes around 30 minutes. A local anesthetic is administered before beginning the PDO facial lift. Once the patient is thoroughly numb, Nah uses a special needle to guide the PDO threads into the deepest layers of the skin. She uses the threads to lift and anchor the skin before trimming any excess thread.

There is almost no downtime needed for a PDO facial lift. Some mild swelling or redness directly after the procedure can be expected, but these side effects usually subside quickly. Results of the treatment are usually seen within a couple of days as any post-treatment swelling subsides.

Location: 150 Emmons St., Ste. 6, Franklin. For more information and to schedule an appointment, call 508-669-7600 or visit